6 Moral Values you Get from Alcohol

6 Moral Values you Get from Alcohol-2-peg-ke-baad

25 Feb 6 Moral Values you Get from Alcohol

Mommy said nothing good happens after 2 pegs, but we would say- Think Again!

Here are 6 Moral Values you get from Alcohol- and believe us, it all does it real quick.


Faith in oneself

Either you go climb Mt. Everest or simply grab 2 pegs!

How else do you imagine a better way to get more confidence from? No matter how clumsy you look while walking on high heels, 2 peg ke baad- you are no less than a model strutting out.


Be Bonafide

Even Professionals can’t beat this one!

Alcohol gives you more balls than you can ever get. It makes you overlook your surroundings, forget about the “goody-two-shoe” you, talk, dance, laugh, cry and whatever the hell you feel like. It makes you stand up for the bonafide you within and respect that rawness. We don’t need anymore high heels to cover our 4 inches in the air, no kisses in the air, no elite drama- just shudh-desi-us.

You speak free- you dance free- you cry out- you laugh loud- there is no fear- everyone is my dear!

Nature love

Alcohol brings you close to nature. No, no it doesn’t make you to write poetry- it just brings you close. How close? Close enough for you to bring you out of your 60×80 inches bed comfort to fall asleep on streets- under the open sky- in the lap of nature. Now someone should have told grandma about this.


Lingual diversity

Learn to speak English in 4 weeks! This bitch guarantees English speaking in 20 minutes.

No matter whether you are an English language adorer or a Hindi language drifter- Alcohol keeps no lingual diversities. Post 2 pegs anyone can make long memorable speeches Nicholas Horsburgh style.



Not even a baniya can challenge the power of Alcohol. 2 peg ke baad even the most miser lad can display the good fat charities and forget it the next morning like an ideal social worker should do.

…And they say Alcohol is bad!

Honesty: No Apology!

Despite the biggest campaigns and acts passed on people following the track of honesty, nothing still beats the dexterity of a Wine Bottle. Sure now we know why they say, “Wine about it, it will feel better”- sure it does.

World’s most love stories begin after 2 pegs (though there is no data on how far they last). But if a bottle can help you to speak the truth and come clean- Sanctified, it’s the Bottle of good hopes!


Hence Proved- there is a Moral Science every 2 peg ke baad!

Get High- Party High- Talk Neat and learn easy the 6 Moral Values you Get from Alcohol.