9 Things You Must Remember When Having a Beer in Bangkok-Pattaya

17 Jun 9 Things You Must Remember When Having a Beer in Bangkok-Pattaya

Here are few 9 things you must remember when having a Beer in Bangkok-Pattaya , if you really wish to enjoy it. There is a good shot of tequila to swing by in every country; well, almost. But since there is not enough beer in the world remember to make your couple of pints worth it when you are in Thailand.


1.     Beer is Fruity

There is more fruit in the beer there than you will expect. Breezer might be a spoiler for people with tamed taste buds.

2.     The best place to have a beer would be Walking Street


Remember how you ever pictured the best place of a sin-city to smell like. Walking street is all about that. And what you do here? You do exactly what the name suggests- you walk! And on your way you encounter the world’s most amazing things from your fantasies. And yes, it does include strip clubs. Note: On your way the middle men may offer you to give a free drink on choosing their bar- do not fall for it. Make sure you make a clear talk prior.


3.     All you speak goes in vain- after 2 pegs

Although a major part of economy of the country is based on tourism from around the globe, unfortunately, they don’t speak much English in Thailand. Okay- Yes- No- is all the English you hear. Therefore make sure to get where you want to before you are too drunk to explain yourself to the tuk-tuk driver.

4.     Any food is good food when you have Beer

If you are an Indian and topping it a vegetarian, like me, the street might feel like a behemoth fish market. Thank God! At least Beer is a lot cheaper to make up to any food you eat for dinner. And if you are sticking by Sea fish and Beer while you lie down by the beach- the best evening activity.

5.     Do NOT expect Hospitality

pattaya-9 things you must remember when having a Beer in Bangkok- Pataya-2peg-ke-baad

Another misfortune as a tourism based country- they do not seem to be a lot tourist friendly. May it be the Hotel staff-your driver- shop keepers or anyone across the street who speaks Thai, doesn’t seem to quite like Indians. Do NOT carry Amir Khan’s long preached “atithi devo bhavah” in your head, because that’s not how it rolls there. Atithi seems to have arrived for their own good in the country and Thai people do not take much interest into your convenience and concerns as a tourist. Make sure you pre plan things with your tour operator for no one would be availed to take responsibility of your belongings if God forbid you went out of sobriety.


6.     How to chose your drink snack

First of all: where to choose your snack from? Whole sake stores like 7-11 are available at every square, which give you the cheapest choice for all kinds of utility goods and grocery. Make sure you look into the labels before buying stuff, as even the simplest snack like lays potato chips might come in fish flavor as been cooked in cod-liver oil.

7.     Beware of the Pilfers

Baccara-9 things you must remember when having a Beer in Bangkok- Pataya-2pkb

Like any country, you have pilfers here too. But, then why is it mentioned in heading 3 format here; because you may have to pay a lot for your loss. Frequent incidences of local people beguiling tourists on mistreatment of their entity (purposely done by themselves) have been reported. For an instance- a water scooter may come and hit you while you are busy surfing your own, and ask for a heavy compensation for the same or threaten you into legal troubles. Beware of losing your senses. If you cannot handle more than 2 pegs- stop right there!

8.     If you have nothing to do- get a real massage

Apart from all the notions you have piled up in your head about the Thai Massage- believe me- there does exist something that is a real massage. By any chance if you are left with very little to do for the next day and a lot of hangover stashing your head, get yourself a good massage. The way to identify a safe massage parlor is to hunt for the one in the city and the one which make the more expensive ones.

9.     Don’t get too drunk

chivas-9 things you must remember when having a Beer in Bangkok- Pataya-2pkb

Last and the most important lesson at the end of the day: Don’t get too drunk. Throwing up may not be tolerated by the clean city, you need to haggle at every point- so losing your senses might not leave you enough for the next day, there are girls at every corner but every girl you see may not even be a girl really (she-males) – watch out!


I hope you have got a good guide of 9 things you must remember when having a Beer in Bangkok- Pattaya. It might seem to sound a country that gives you a good taste of night life but that is not all that makes the Thailand special. After the night the morning gives you the gilding Budhha, the best Safari, the big low-cost street market and a lot of Savadikhap (Namaste). Happy Hanging to all that!