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Transgender - 2 peg ke baad - Dr.Nikita.Lalwani

01 Jun The Gender in Third Place

While commuting in a local train, on a usual day, I heard a hijrah (eunuch) jabbering as she moved her hand over one head to another. Within a few seconds I heard a yell followed by few gibberish comments passed on the hijrah who was...

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Have You Been Drinking Too Much Test

29 Jul Have You Been Drinking Too Much Test

If your friends have been drinking more than you do, parents don't even know if you drink and God forbid- girlfriends have always been antagonist to any amount of drinking. So we made a little arrangement for you to judge yourself on your drinking and have...

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Ways to open your beer bottle like a pro- 2-peg-ke-baad

25 Jul Crazy Ways to Open A Bottle Without An Opener

Believe it or not- it's possible to get your bottle opened at all times- no matter where you are (Even Jail)- without an opener. Here's a list of Crazy Ways to Open A Bottle Without An Opener. Key Belt Ring Lighter Another bottle A currency note Spoon Chopstick CD- Compact Disc Can Knife Traffic Cone Nail-cutter Screw driver Hammer Bracelet Staple remover Stapler Phone Charger Laptop Carabiner Hand...

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09 Jul The Jacket Theory

While the Jacket makes the metaphor to your girl friend, does it really matter to the jacket when you pass by the window gazing at it every evening? The Jacket Theory answers all your questions about the Girlfriend who took away all your candies....

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