07 Jun Your Love for Drinking May Be Inherited

Did you know that your love for drinking may be inherited? How, you ask, we say so. Well, it's not us to say so but Dr Robert Dudley from the University of California said so while proposing the 'Drunken Monkey Hypothesis'. The hypothesis suggests that the dependence...

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6 Moral Values you Get from Alcohol-2-peg-ke-baad

25 Feb 6 Moral Values you Get from Alcohol

Mommy said nothing good happens after 2 pegs, but we would say- Think Again! Here are 6 Moral Values you get from Alcohol- and believe us, it all does it real quick.   Faith in oneself Either you go climb Mt. Everest or simply grab 2 pegs! How else do...

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29 Jan Things I Say 2 Peg Ke Baad

There is a long and very definite list to the Things we say 2 Peg Ke Baad. It definitely includes a lot of missing-laughing-crying and regretting. Which sentence is the most of you here?    1. I’m Not Drunk   2. Where is My Phone     3. I Love You     4. You...

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which-drink-are-you-2 peg ke baad

24 Jan Which Drink are You?

They say, "Ladies Never get old, they just Vine up" . But Don't mistaken yourself being a lady if you are ever called that one. Here is how it tells, which drink are you. ...

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