Confession of a Not Yet Bride to Be


01 Aug Confession of a Not Yet Bride to Be

Dear stereotypical, sociopathic, calling Sunny Leone to be an actress world,

Whenever I say that I do not wish to get married yet you somehow happen to correlate my emotions with that of Deepika Padukone’s video of My Choice. And even though it is my choice to decide when to and whom to get married to, I would still forgive you to expect me to behave like Amrita Arora’s character in Vivah. I mean, seriously, it’s 2015 and even Alok Nath has made a rap of his own.

With every morning sun ray slapping me on my face and the sugar free tea being served to me to make sure my waist line looks narrower than Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead, all my mom’s sentences apparently have the word “ladka” in it.

Why does it get so important for parents once their daughters hit 24 to get her hitched? Is being 24 that bad age? Why the only big worry to her mother is moving from shade 3 to shade 4 tan on her skin and to her father is the increasing power of her glasses? Have all the other issues surpassed their priorities?

I do wish to get married. I mean, who doesn’t? I do wish to update my relationship status on Facebook as- In Relationship With; I do wish my friends to check out the profile of the jackass who engages with me and make wooing sounds, I do feel like wearing all the bewitching dresses, which I could never get to wear otherwise, on my honeymoon and put pictures of it on instagram and reply thank you on every comment that read, “cute couple”, “made for each other”, “beautiful”, and of course, the pre wedding photo shoot- I can never forget that. I want all of that.

But when I say that I don’t want to get married, somehow you happen to hear it as I NEVER want to get married. The obvious response from you dear world to when I say- “I still have so much to do”, again takes me back to the movie Vivah, but remember when I said, “Alok Nath has his own rap”- just keep looking at that link to remind yourself of the eras that we have passed by.

When I mention things to do, I do not mean study more- (Spoiler: Girls do not use study as an excuse to not to get married at an early age anymore). By so much I mean I wish to live the way I want to, take a few trips with friends or bag pack to someplace alone; meet new people, have a few more night outs as a single person; flirting with random guys, may be go on a few dates; get a hair color that makes me look like lady gaga, take a few bad decision cry over it with friends over few butts of classic-mild; cut my hair to a length that only I could recognize myself and sit in my pajamas with a bowl of Topramin (now that maggi is banned) alone- watching How I Met your Mother- Season 5- for the 15th time.

And the more I meet aunts of mom’s age and listen them uttering the words, “ladka”, “shaadi” and “Gruh Shobha”, the more I wish to break the CD of Vivah and then barf on it.

I love my spectacles and the cheese burger from last night, and my chubby cheeks and I am never leaving that behind to get a pre wedding shoot done- even if it makes me look and feel like a super princess. Because what my Pajama from Sarojini could make me feel like is much more precious than any lehenga from Chandni Chowk.

And, like I said that I love to get married, I mean who doesn’t; I would want to wait for the right time and the right guy for whom my turning from Shade 3 to Shade 4 is just a new fashion tone. Until then- you, dear stereotypical, sociopathic, calling Sunny Leone to be an actress world, if could stand patient for so many years with Rahul Gandhi’s determination on being a Prime Minister- I am just asking for a little more time.