Once it were churches to have them, now its people speaking post 2 pegs. We believe in Talking Neat, whether or not you are drunk and at 2 peg ke baad we give you a window to confess your pent up whims with no priest at the other end. Alcohol doesn’t make you speak up, a free mind does. So make love confessions, come clean with your betrayals, put down your confusions on our 2 peg ke baa confession page.You may share almost anything keeping your identity a secret and lending ears to you is a drunk audience, if not even literally. So let yourself out and speak your heart out like 2 peg ke baad.


 “To the wonderful girl from cab, I still love you and I wish we could be friends again.

I am extremely sorry for spoiling things away but I respect you and will always be your well wisher. I hope I get a chance to get things back at place.

— Shanky


 “I wish I had been clearer with my parents while making a career choice. I love being a dentist but there is much more I would like to explore. I never say but deep down I feel I am meant for something way more creative than just screwing teeth. Never mind! It is never too late when you wake up.

— Haifa


 “I have got a hole in my brief. 😛

— Bonnie

 “I wish I had never got back. Break ups are tough but it’s better to leave the space at first place than to be left by someone. The one who is left back gets hurt the most. I finally feel free to walk off it, but I wouldn’t have felt the torment that time if I had not lingered into my relationship- that is all I regret.

— Aashish Bhawnani