The Jacket Theory


09 Jul The Jacket Theory

The Jacket Theory reveals the two sides of the virtual shop window. Remember the last time you passed by a showroom window and stopped by a dummy putting over the crisp linen jacket, dunked in your favourite burgundy with a touch of copper on its folds, reflecting the sunlight kissing its surface. The broad shoulders revealed the lithe of the mannequin manifesting its every curve that followed its body line. The pockets as delicately stitched with the nylon threads and tucked at the edges, elegantly at its corners that magnificently reiterated the impeccable work by its master. The elite golden glittering zips roofing up the sassy pockets and the front, delicately sliding it half way from bottom to top flashing the borders of the impish sneaking white shirt from the petite blinds of the margin folds; lures you to simply vest it up. You inquire regarding its price, but if you like it way too much you wouldn’t consider it an issue. If you have been taught how to make choices or save your pocket, you would keep your wallet away from tittering , but of course if you are nuts about shopping, nothing could hold your fingers to swipe your unhealthy bank account credit cards.

Above all, whether you buy it or not, whether you spend from your long saved pocket money which probably was supposed to support your next vacation plan, or if at all you couldn’t afford its expense, you  yet couldn’t parry away from taking a few minutes to stop by the window just to take a look at your beloved. Oops! Well that is when I actually mean is what happens in a case of one’s beloved too.

While the Jacket makes the metaphor to your girl friend, does it really matter to the jacket when you pass by the window gazing at it every evening?

It would matter to the jacket only if you care to spend on it to put it off the dummy and take it home with you, for there are hundreds passerby, walking past the window every minute but not all of them really get to wear it. Some may want it even worse than you do but what makes you a beholder is the instinct that makes you to shop it.

On the other side of time, once you are a beholder of the jacket, it’s you who gets connoisseurship and you who enjoys wearing the jacket more. It’s you who needs to protect the jacket; by naphthalene balls when in ill weather and regular dry cleaning. Only, unless it really makes you stun in front of the mirror or the shoulders seat themselves magnificently taking the curves and cuts of your arms and ribs, the jacket wouldn’t be any more delighted than what you are; since it always had options. Those millions of shopaholics stepping the store and trying it by eyes and by touch, would never end to want it more while you wear it.

While it still remains more desired, it doesn’t matter who wears it as long as he, the owner, is cognisant of the laundry. And the jacket would never lose the value, for it would always has someone having it on; the someone may degrade or upgrade, but there will always be a someone. And that explains why giving away that “Jacket” is tougher for you than to the piece itself.