Your Love for Drinking May Be Inherited


07 Jun Your Love for Drinking May Be Inherited

Did you know that your love for drinking may be inherited?

How, you ask, we say so. Well, it’s not us to say so but Dr Robert Dudley from the University of California said so while proposing the ‘Drunken Monkey Hypothesis’.

The hypothesis suggests that the dependence of our primate ancestors on ripen fruits and vegetables has probably continued to survive in Homo Sepian as their love for ethanol. Ethanol (alcohol) is naturally present in ripe and overripe fruits and vegetables when yeast ferments sugar. Thus, human beings are supposed to have genetically acquired the trait from their ancestors.

The smell of this fermenting alcohol within the fruits would help the primates to find them easily in forest lands.

This also explains the lack of history of addictive substances associated to humans- for we get adapted to Alcohol more than any other nostrum.

I guess that leaves you a pretty good and strong excuse for your next hangover ūüėČ